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2020 – A year to forget and a year to remember

At the start of the year when covid 19 was just a rumour from far away lands and not too much to worry about I was full of optimism looking forward to sunshine and travel, the start of the trout season just around the corner, our holiday to Île de RΓ© already booked. Well I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had plans wrecked by this sweeping pandemic, at least I can happily say that family and friends have managed to avoid it’s ravages, at least so far.

My other job, working as a community pharmacist has certainly had it’s challenges. wearing a mask all day is a bit of a bind but on the whole I’m glad to have been able to keep on going keeping people in medicines and now we are busy administering flu vaccines to try and prevent a double whammy of covid and flu causing havoc this winter.

Well at least the fishing has been good ! Once it was possible again the rivers seem to be in excellent shape and have had chance to chase pike and perch in the canal as well.

Here are a few of the fishing highlights that have made 2020 a year to remember so far:

Above is another of the many great trout coming to Jonathan’s rod this year. This one took a Martin’s minnow. I wonder if the reduced fishing pressure early in the season helped ? Apart from this beautiful fish at 3lb 1oz Jonathan has also had a 5lb 2oz and 3 other trout over 2lb.

Fishing lures has been an interesting new approach this year, hard work at times with a lot of casting for little reward but it seems to pick out the larger fish. On the same day as the fish above I caught my best fish of the year also on Martin’s minnow:

One positive of forced isolation in lockdown is being able to put in time at the vice tying filling up fly boxes and trying out new ideas. I hope to follow up this article with some posts on some of the new creations and ideas in fly tying that have inspired me during this year.

Anyhow for now, I wish you all good health. Stay safe and make the most of whatever comes your way!

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A keen angler since 1998 when I started sea fishing while living in Australia
On returning to the UK, l realised I had good trout water on my doorstep and took up fly fishing. I pursued this with the same passion and was happy to have the opportunity to develop a business in my chosen pursuit.
Favourite species include Trout and Grayling but I also like to pursue other species with the fly and have caught sea-trout, pike, perch, roach, chub, orf, minnows, mackerel, coalfish , pollock and mullet on the fly so far.

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