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RootBeer Perdigon

In the previous post Rainbow Warrior I said I would follow up with pictures of the other flies sent by Bruce Luxford all the way from Washington in the USA. Bruce gave this very sleek and neetly tied design the title ‘Rootbeer Perdigon’ . I’m sure these are going to be great fish catchers.

RootBeer Perdigon By Bruce Luxford
RootBeer Perdigon flies By Bruce Luxford

The fly reminds me a little of Magic Mary a pattern that has been very successful, the neck section behind the bead of this fly is quite sophisticated having two stages, a red thread and a UV reflective band behind that both of which should act as attractants. I’m looking forward to finding out if the fish in the local rivers agree!

Bruce describes the materials and tying as follows:


Hook: Jig, size 16
Bead: Slotted tungsten, 2mm (5/64”) or 2.3mm (3/32”), listed in order of preference; copper, black-nickel, or silver.
Thread: Veevus black 14/0 (B01)
Tail: Coq de Leon
Body: Veevus holographic copper tinsel (H06), size Medium, and covered by black Krystal flash (KF15)
Flash (optional): UTC Mirage opal tinsel (small), one turn
Hot spot (optional): Fluorescent Red thread
UV Resin

The flash and hot spot may be used separately or together.

Tie thread on shank behind bead with two or three turns.
Tie in Coq de Leon (CdL) with two or three turns of thread.
Tie in black Krystal flash.
Try to keep thread flat by spinning bobbin counter (anti) clockwise.
Wrap thread to bend of hook keeping CdL and Krystal flash on top of hook shank.
Keeping the thread flat, return it to the bead.
Tie in Veevus holo. copper tinsel. Wrap the tinsel back to bend of hook and then back to bead keeping the wraps taut. Tie off tinsel and secure thread.
Wrap Krystal flash to bead in tight, adjoining wraps. Tie off and whip finish thread.

If NOT applying mirage opal tinsel or hot spot, cover the body with UV resin, and apply β€˜black’ UV light to set (cure). Otherwise…

Tie in Fl. Red thread with as few turns as possible.
Tie in Mirage opal tinsel; wrap one turn around shank. Tie off and whip finish Fl. Red thread.
Coat with UV resin and cure.

Bonne chance!

P.S. One may use a standard dry fly or wet fly hook and an inverting tungsten bead in lieu of a jig hook and slotted tungsten bead.

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