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2013 – Year of the Dry Fly


The River Cover in early spring

The River Cover in early spring

I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions, I’ve noticed these resolutions are rarely kept, however I have decided on a New Season’s resolution instead. As a personal challenge I have decided to restrict my fishing to dry fly only for the whole of the 2013 trout season.

My definition of dry fly for this challenge is very broad, I will fish emergers, surface lures, if I fish still waters I might even use a booby but I will only fish on the top. I’m not just restricting myself to traditional tackle either, I will fish both fly rod with reel and Tenkara/Tanago.

I know I will catch less fish but I’m hoping to hone my dry fly skills to a new level and to learn to bring fish up when they are not showing at the surface. Maybe it won’t make me a dry fly expert but I’m looking forward to the challenge, no doubt there will be difficult times but I’m optimistic that as the year goes on I will achieve a new level of ability with the dry fly.

I’ll be reporting back here as the year goes on, whatever you have planned for 2013 I’d like to take this opportunity to say Happy New Season!


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A keen angler since 1998 when I started sea fishing while living in Australia
On returning to the UK, l realised I had good trout water on my doorstep and took up fly fishing. I pursued this with the same passion and was happy to have the opportunity to develop a business in my chosen pursuit.
Favourite species include Trout and Grayling but I also like to pursue other species with the fly and have caught sea-trout, pike, perch, roach, chub, orf, minnows, mackerel, coalfish , pollock and mullet on the fly so far.

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