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Cased Caddis Pattern

Trout love to eat cased caddis but I’ve never had much success tying flies to represent them. Β Jonathan Hoyle sent me these lovely caddis flies that use a dubbed body to represent the case and partridge hackles for the little caddis legs peeping out of the case.

Cased caddis by Jonathan Hoyle

Cased caddis by Jonathan Hoyle

Tying materials:

Partridge sld size 12 hooks
3mm black nickel tungsten bead
Body veniard guard hair dubbing
Head burnt end chenille
Legs partridge feathers

Also works well with a green head. Can be tied with size 14 hook and 2.5mm bead.

Cased Caddis flies tied by Jonathan Hoyle

Cased Caddis flies tied by Jonathan Hoyle

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