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MayFly Madness

Preparing for the Mayfly hatch

Preparing for the Mayfly hatch

I just Watched the ‘Mayfly Madness’ DVD last night (Johan Klingberg and Ulf Borjesson) and I seem to have caught a bit of it myself! After seeing all the huge trout they caught and the tying demonstration I decided to tie up a few myself. Β I can’t wait to have a go. Β I bought a few flies as well so I’ve got lots of choice now I’ve just got to find the right place to try them out !

Update 11/6/2013 :

I spent the best part of Monday, 3rd June on the River Aire at Gargrave. Mayflies were emerging in reasonable numbers most of the way down the beat. I met another angler who had caught a 3 1/2 pound trout a mile or two further downstream, although the conditions were far from ideal, the water wasn’t moving much and zero cloud cover. I mostly fished Ulf Borjessons CDC Mayfly pattern and managed a nice trout although it wasn’t quite the bonanza I had hoped for, the trout were ignoring the Mayflies and sunning themselves in the shallows.
I took a sample Mayfly (Ephemera Vulgata) and have it preserved in a vial, looking at the natural I think most of the Mayfly patterns are too small, I think a detached body or a #8 long shank would do the natural more justice.

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On returning to the UK, l realised I had good trout water on my doorstep and took up fly fishing. I pursued this with the same passion and was happy to have the opportunity to develop a business in my chosen pursuit.
Favourite species include Trout and Grayling but I also like to pursue other species with the fly and have caught sea-trout, pike, perch, roach, chub, orf, minnows, mackerel, coalfish , pollock and mullet on the fly so far.

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  • Hi Joel have seen the video and have tied up some Mayflys as shown just slight different colours. They work a treat have used on the river I fish for last season and this season, caught plenty on them.
    Regards Ian Robertson

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