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Nidd day sun

The river Nidd at Pateley Bridge

The river Nidd at Pateley Bridge


I soon realised the fish further downstream had flattered me. Now I had to be more careful, smaller flies on a long leader and finer tippet while avoiding the canopy. Every movement had to be slow and smooth, the desire to catch fish causing me to slow down. ย At first even my careful casts were spooking fish, ย then the fish continued to rise but ignored my fly. When I finally caught a fish it was wonderful, I had seen the glimmer of the side of a fish as my previous cast drifted past so I aimed a little further across. I saw him move slowly up, then strike my fly with vigour. ย This fish was the memory of my day, it was beautiful to see him swim away from my hand…


It had taken me most of the day to wind down enough to remember what fly fishing really is. So much more than just catching fish, but more being truly present in your surroundings. That morning I had purchased the Nidderdale Angling club day ticket in Patelely Bridge, a lovely little village near Harrogate.ย The Nidd as it passes through Pateley Bridge is lively with rising fish that are relatively easy to catch. I had spent a couple of hours working my way up this first section which ends at a weir, an enjoyable morning. After a very tasty sandwhich from the village eaten on the bank overlooking the river while watching the fish rising I had headed ย further upstream to the water above the weir I started fishing as the water was just beginning to move……

After watching that fish swim awayย I continued slowly and carefully fishing working on my technique.ย The river had forced me to slow down I started to appreciate the simple pleasures such as seeing a kingfisher flying past, the stillness and warmth of this early summers day, I ย realised that this is what fly fishing really is. ย No chance of a fish with splashy casts or large flies, I dropped down to #20 to match the midge the trout appeared to be taking, this did the trick now and again though I suspect I should have fished smaller flies than this. ย This is the top most stretch of the day ticket water, not many walkers venture this far and you feel as though you have the place to yourself. ย The surroundings are serene and nature abounds.

I enjoyed the day so much I have decided to purchase a season ticket, I’ll be back for more.

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A keen angler since 1998 when I started sea fishing while living in Australia
On returning to the UK, l realised I had good trout water on my doorstep and took up fly fishing. I pursued this with the same passion and was happy to have the opportunity to develop a business in my chosen pursuit.
Favourite species include Trout and Grayling but I also like to pursue other species with the fly and have caught sea-trout, pike, perch, roach, chub, orf, minnows, mackerel, coalfish , pollock and mullet on the fly so far.

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