Fly Tying

Video: Tying the BWO spinner loopwing

With so many Blue Winged Olives around there are opportunities to fish the emerger and the spinner fall. Β This pattern can be used for both by adjusting the colour of the body, wing and tailing. Although it looks complicated at first once you get the technique its an easy way to tie very effective flies.

Tying demonstration by Jonathan Hoyle

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A keen angler since 1998 when I started sea fishing while living in Australia
On returning to the UK, l realised I had good trout water on my doorstep and took up fly fishing. I pursued this with the same passion and was happy to have the opportunity to develop a business in my chosen pursuit.
Favourite species include Trout and Grayling but I also like to pursue other species with the fly and have caught sea-trout, pike, perch, roach, chub, orf, minnows, mackerel, coalfish , pollock and mullet on the fly so far.

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